Sports Therapy

Hi there, I’m Scott your resident Sports Therapist here at Glasgow Chiropractic Paisley.

My goal as a Sports Therapist is to help my clients get back to or improve their performance in whatever sport or hobby they enjoy. I currently work with high performance athletes in Golf, MMA, and Football. However, I enjoy helping people of any level and frequently work with many individuals that are looking to improve their health.

My passion for the human body and how it can be improved and maintained has allowed me to help gain a better understanding of my patient concerns as well as their goals. I believe in collaborating with my clients to find out the root cause of their issues and develop personally tailored rehabilitation plans to help clients achieve results which were previously considered ’unreachable’.

So, what can you expect?

As a Sports Therapist I am trained in assessing human biomechanics and dysfunction and diagnose biomechanical issues. With the help of postural software, we will be able to provide clear data points to clients allowing them to clearly see where their body is struggling and why it may not be performing at its optimal best.

Using a holistic approach to sports therapy I discuss with patients the goals they are wanting to achieve and the road map to getting there.

I tailor care plans towards the individual’s lifestyle whilst meeting the demands as efficiently but as safely as possible. This is done through both a mixture of rehabilitation and therapeutic sessions being massage, PNF stretching or other therapeutic modalities. I believe that proper education of the client’s issues is the greatest part of anyone’s recovery or improvement and will spend time educating on the specific details of a clients issues.

What I offer:

Sports massage  |  Deep tissue massage  |  Swedish Massage  |  Cupping Therapy  |  Exercise programming  |  Face to face and virtual rehab  |  Flexibility training  |  Strength & Conditioning  |  Myofascial release  |  PNF stretching  |  STR therapy and more!

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To enquire more about how I can help give the clinic a call and one of our lovely members of staff will run through it with you or ask to speak to myself if I’m available, I’m happy to help in any way I can and hope to see you all soon!

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