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Back, neck and overall muscular pain can arise due to multiple reasons, your posture and lifestyle being the top two factors. Spinal disorders can arise from external and internal factors. Our spine has to anchor various bones and muscle structures. When we add more strain to the limits of the backbone, it is susceptible to injuries. The body has a wondrous mechanism where it can heal minor and even more serious injuries. However, that is not the case all the time as serious injuries can only be treated with outside help.

At Glasgow Chiropractic Paisley, we provide a wide range of massage techniques aimed at targeting common areas of pain and discomfort in the back, neck and other areas of the body. Our therapist use recognised sports and deep tissue massage techniques which help the body to get back to its original state. Our massage therapist are all qualified in multiple massage techniques which allow them to help not only identify the areas of concern for you but treat them effectively.

The results speak for themselves, our massage therapists have helped thousands of patients from the Paisley, Renfrewshire and Glasgow areas who have been affected with back and neck issues. Massage has been shown to significantly help with reducing stress in the body which can help decrease pain and improve body function and well being.

Lower Back Pain Relief Using Massage

 coLower back pain can arise due to spinal misalignment, sciatica, disk injury, etc. The pain can be unbearable at times and can greatly affect your mobility. The best way to tackle this issue is by increasing mobility and bloodflow by having effective massage, chiropractic adjustments, regular stretching and increased movement in the affected area.

A combination of massage and chiropractic adjustments has proven to reduce back and lumbar pain. Our new patient treatment plan was derived by studying the cause of our patients back pain, which  different from person to person tends to have similar a route cause. In most cases, the underlying cause is spinal-related with can be because of the misalignment between the vertebrae. There are common mechanical causes that arise mainly from bad posture.

Tests will be carried out to pinpoint the part of the back that is causing the issues. Then the treatment plan is devised which comprises of chiropractic techniques designed to fix the bone and structural issues of the back.

Chiropractic treatments are very effective against:

  • Sciatica or Disk herniation
  • Lumbosacral sprain
  • Hip pain
  • Coccyx pain etc.

The treatment plan will also depend on your body type, past conditions, and lifestyle. if the disorders arise from your lifestyle, then we will also mentor you on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and good posture. Glasgow Chiropractic Paisley uses no invasive treatment methods and adheres to the best practices in the industry.

Neck Pain Relief Using Massage

Our neck is an extension of our spine and is aptly called the cervical spine. It consists of 7 bones and has to withstand the weigh to the head. At an upright position, the load that is exerted on the neck is not something that is can’t handle but as we bend our neck, it creates a strain on these 7 bones,

Prolonged strain can cause neck injuries. This is a common occurrence nowadays as we tend to keep your neck bent most of the time looking our smartphone. The same effect also happens on the neck when it is extending forward for long periods, which is common when you are using a computer for an extended time.

Other cause of Neck pain can arise from injuries or spinal disorders like Spinal Stenosis. At Glasgow Chiropractor Paisley, we provide comprehensive neck treatments based on your profile.

Meticulous profiling of the condition will be carried out by our expert chiropractors, which will include physical and neurological examinations.

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We offer a range of methods to suit every body type and individual preference. Please refer to our Meet the Team page for more on what each therapist offers.  Please see below for a list of techniques we offer. 

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