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Michael Daly MCMA: Nutritionist and Natural Health Advisor

Michael Daly is a dedicated nutritionist and natural health advisor with over 15 years of experience in the field of holistic health. His journey into natural health began after he suffered from severe chronic health problems. Determined to regain his health, Michael embarked on a path of holistic healing, immersing himself in the study of various natural health disciplines, including nutrition and bioresonance therapy.

Michael is a proud member of Dr. Ronan Murray’s esteemed wellness team at Glasgow Chiropractic in Paisley. For the past seven years, he has been an integral part of the team, helping countless individuals achieve their health goals through a personalised and holistic approach to wellness.

Additionally, Michael is a proud member of the international body, “The Complimentary Medical Association” (MCMA), reflecting his commitment to high standards and continuous professional development in complementary medicine.

Services Offered by Michael

Full Consultation and Medical History

Full body composition analysis measuring;
Body weight  |  Body water  |  Muscles mass  |  Metabolism  |  Bone mass  |  Visceral fat

Food Intolerance and Allergy Testing
Identifying food intolerances and allergies is crucial for optimal health. Michael offers detailed testing to pinpoint problematic foods and guide dietary adjustments

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency Testing
Ensuring adequate nutrient levels is vital for overall well-being. Michael conducts tests to detect deficiencies in essential vitamins and minerals, recommending appropriate supplementation and dietary changes.

Health Tests

Thyroid Test (Underactive)
Testing for thyroid function to identify and address hypothyroidism.

Gut Health and Microbiome Testing
Analyzing gut health and microbiome composition to improve digestive health and overall wellness.

Hormone Testing
Evaluating hormone levels to identify imbalances and support hormonal health.

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At Glasgow Chiropractic, we believe in a holistic approach to health and wellness. Michael is here to support you on your journey to optimal health, providing expert guidance and personalised care.

Whether you’re dealing with chronic health issues or simply looking to enhance your well-being, Michael’s expertise and compassionate approach can help you achieve your health goals.

Contact Michael Daly at Glasgow Chiropractic in Paisley to start your journey towards better health and well-being.

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